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Enhance Your Home’s Privacy Without Losing Style

Privacy. It matters. And when you are talking about your home, then it matters doubly.

Ask yourself this question – how private is your home? Is there anyway that people from outside can see in?

Have you ever been broken into whilst you have lived at the property?

If you have suffered a break in, then you will be naturally thinking of ways of boosting your home’s privacy and security.

And if your house or apartment faces out onto the public street, or even has some sort concealed entrance, you might be starting to think about your security.

There are several things that the householder can do to try and increase their home’s security and privacy.


If you haven’t already got security cameras for your home, then this is the first suggestion that we think you should take on board. These days, these can be easily monitored and accessed through your smart phone, making it even easier to keep an eye on who is at your front door or hanging around your property!

CCTV is no longer the expensive or even difficult to install affair that it used to be. It can be easily installed without needing the services of a professional in you home. This is a no brainer for anyone who has suffered a break in, in the past, or is worried about one occurring in the future.


For an option that you probably haven’t considered, there is always window tinting.

This is when a film is fitted to the window, usually rendering it darker and therefore harder to see in through.

Edmonton, Canada is home to many window tinting firms and they can advise on the best type of film for the job. Security tints make it harder to gain entry by breaking the glass, as they stick the broken shards together like safety glass – only without the cost of replacing the pane.


You can never have too much lighting around your property and that includes the exterior – the yard or the garden.

Security lights should be fitted to the front and rear of your home, to set your mind at rest, but also assist in making the whole front of house a safer place to be.

These do not have to be floodlights or anything abrasive, or ugly.

Nowadays there are many decorative security lights, as well as LED garden lights to provide safety, as well as style, for your porch, garden path and other areas of your backyard that might harbor intruders.

Don’t forget the interior of your home either – a well lit home, especially with a brightly lighted door is a well known deterrent to thieves.

Invest in a timer switch or even better still, some of the more up to date methods for synching your lighting with your smart phone, where you can control it at the touch of a button.

An all dark home is like an invitation to thieves!


Being able to pull the blinds down or close the shutters have long been part of the homeowner’s arsenal against prying eyes and potential thieves.

If nobody can see in through your windows, then they will be less likely to attempt to burgle you in the first place.

Remember, most thieves are opportunists and if they can’t see something they want to steal, then they probably won’t break in to begin with.

Both blinds and shutters can instantly block off access to your home. Not only can people not see in, but they make it harder to get through the window in the first place.

In terms of security, shutters make a better bet than blinds do, as these can be locked tightly. But if privacy is your number one concern, then either will work and blinds are usually less pricy.